Why I Fight For Healthcare

Let me tell you why I fight for Healthcare. The entire American medical system is, from end to end, fucked up.

I worked in the technology industry at Amazon. If the customer says “I want it delivered”, Amazon asks “how fast do you want it?” Jeff Bezos LOVES his customers. Even though he is a billionaire, he silently listened in on customer calls so that he is attuned with the wants of his customers. Customer obsession is a corporate value at Amazon, not just for Jeff, but for the employees there as a group.

The medical industrial complex does not give a shit about its customers. What it really gives a shit about is their money, not the people themselves. If it were legal to do so, as a patient, I would kick the crap out of some of these people. There are people in the medical industry who, in my opinion, do not belong in this industry. I want whole systemwide reform for the benefit of medical patients. Please back Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren so that we can create a system that values human lives over special interests and giving more money to greedy people who are already rich.

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– John

p.s. I have to be 35 for President or Vice President, and I am 25 now, which is why I am backing Democrats like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and even Pete Buttigieg, the first openly homosexual running for the highest office in America. He is married, he served in Afghanistan, he went to Harvard and Oxford, and I think he is a good role model for gay people in America.

3 thoughts on “Why I Fight For Healthcare

    1. Life is a right, as is liberty and the persuit of happiness. If you need healthcare in order to have life, then you have a right to healthcare. That being said, not all healthcare meets that requirement. Some healthcare is super expensive and not necessary to save your life. You don’t automatically have a right to that. You have to pay money for that.


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