The Case For Abortion

I will start by saying that souls aren’t real and that a person isn’t really alive unless it has a functioning brain. Without a functioning brain, a person’s body is just an inanimate object. When abortions happen, they happen well before a fetus or embryo has a functioning brain that is capable of thinking or feeling. There is some debate about when pain can be felt, but that number is somewhere in the 18 – 28 week range. “Only 1.3% of abortions occur after 21 weeks of pregnancy in the US.

Basically, abortions happen when the fetus or embryo isn’t actually a person in the sense of a mentally thinking feeling person. The people who do have abortions tend to be single poor women who aren’t ready or willing to be parents, and I don’t think those people should have kids. Their children will be fatherless and disadvantaged and ultimately they will contribute to the cycle of poverty. Black women and women on Medicaid tend to be much more likely to get abortions and if they don’t, they will pass on the poverty to the next generation. I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe that people deserve to be born into poverty. Money might not buy happiness past a point, but researchers found “$105,000 to be the ideal income for life satisfaction in Northern America. Earnings past that point tended to coincide with a lower levels of happiness and well-being, researchers found.” Extreme poverty leads to less life happiness and I don’t believe that people deserve to be born into extreme poverty with only a single mother if they can avoid it.

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