Why I Really Want To Help The Homeless

Because giving to them makes me feel happy and I feel bad for them. That’s it. When a homeless person asks me to take them out to a restaurant, saying “no” makes me feel sad and saying “yes” makes me feel happy. Also, I like homeless people. I like strangers in general but most strangers don’t want to chat for long. Homeless people are totally down to tell me the whole story about their descent into alcoholism. I like homeless people and I feel bad for them and that’s why I want to help the homeless.

Do I want to eliminate all homelessness? Not necessarily. Maybe someone likes the freedom. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of that. The majority don’t like it, though, and at the very least I want them to be healthy, happy, and comfortable. If they’re going to sleep outside or in a park I want them to have good camping gear so they don’t freeze or get soaked. I want them to have a doctor so that they don’t die prematurely. And I don’t want them to get harassed by police. I think there should be a right to sleep on the sidewalk because I don’t think people should be put in jail or targeted just because alcoholism or mental illness landed them into an unfortunate spot.

– John

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